We facilitate and co-design research projects with other organizations, academic institutions, iwi & hapū, while responding to current environmental challenges. We bring together researchers to collect data, planning expeditions and its outreach components.

We work off and onboard research vessels collecting data around Aotearoa New Zealand. 

Our approach is to bring marine scientists with different scientific objectives together to solve complex challenges. With ecosystem-based management principles, we understand everything is connected therefore it is key to have interdisciplinary teams working together.

Focusing on field work, we collect different data around biodiversity, microplastics, biosecurity using innovative tools, (e.g. manta trawls or eDNA techniques). We focus on the health of the marine environment and aim to protect and preserve its integrity while conducting our sampling.

We work from sailing vessels with large rear decks, with facilitated water entry allowing for deployment of instruments. Later we may look at benthic exploration, bathymetric surveying and surface work with automated devices. We welcome social scientists, physical oceanographers, biologists and all kinds of marine scientists.

The vessels we use are low in emissions, quiet, strong and designed for coastal & open ocean sailing, with good abilities in shallow waters. Lately, we worked with Far Out Ocean Collective and their 22m sailing vessel S/V Manawanui and M/V Strannik, a state-of-the art 78ft expedition vessel built in 2017.

If we partner with you, we will likely work with you to obtain additional equipment as necessary and organize specific expedition logistics.

Our research areas:


Plastic pollution






Climate change