As a scientific organisation operating from a sustainable research vessel, we want to help researchers access data, solving important challenges.

Scientists from Estonian Marine Institute (University of Tartu) on the board of research vessel "Vilma" making last preparations to launch a new controllable monitoring seine. Photo by Mati Kose. No changes made.

The sailboat Research Vessel (R/V) we are imagining will be able to host up to 4-6 scientists and 3-4 crew, with fuel, food and water to be safely at sea for up to 3 weeks without requiring being in a port for resupply. 

Aboard facilities will include comfortable berths, a dry lab with computer and IT system for data transfer and storage, including backup and connectivity. It will also include a wet lab for specimen observation and storage, with ample room for your specific activities.

The R/V will have facilitated viewing and communication between different parts of the ship so your work can be done safely in coordination with our skipper, science manager and expedition director.

A large rear deck with facilitated water entry will allow for deployment of instruments, including for divers and surface work with devices.

Low emissions, silent, robust aluminium build, designed for coastal & open ocean sailing, with a lifting keel for shallow operations is what we have in mind.

We will work with you to obtain additional equipment as necessary and organize specific expedition logistics.

Our research areas:


Plastic pollution






Climate change