Making marine science & conservation more accessible through research, ocean literacy education, collaboration and digital production.

The Great Barrier Reef

Since the dawn of time, humans have always been fascinated by the ocean. At the heart of Blue Cradle’s philosophy, we are all connected to the ocean.

Filling an important gap in the South Pacific region, Blue Cradle builds partnerships to acquire oceanic data, while also promoting ocean literacy.

Blue Cradle’s mission is to make ocean science more sustainable & accessible.

By creating  solutions-oriented documentaries, we bring ocean science to viewers around the world, making it more accessible and inspiring them to take action.

Combined with data collection for many beneficiaries, Blue Cradle is able to respond to various needs in the region, working in the biological, oceanographic and geological areas, with government, and public and private partners.

Our approach is to integrate research and education during our expeditions, to make marine scientific research more accessible to wide audiences.

We are inspired by research vessel Tara, and the pioneering work of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.


We work with communities, public organizations and private companies, research institutions, government and multilateral agencies, iwi and hāpū, non-profits and educators, forging partnerships.


We work on oceanographic, biological and geological projects involving scientists working solving some of the most pressing issues around climate change impacts on the ocean and biodiversity.


Our goal is to work with national (e.g. RNZ) and international broadcasters (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Disney) to tell these inspiring and exciting stories.

Our goal is to bring ocean science and conservation to millions of viewers worldwide, making an impact while solving some of our most important ocean health challenges.