Ocean Literacy

Our pilot Ocean Literacy programme was launched in partnership with Bush Farm Education in Banks Peninsula. Over 7 weeks, children (7-13) learned concepts including ecosystem connectivity, human impacts, marine biodiversity adaptations, the physics of seawater & protection.

Preserving the future of our planet begins with teaching our younger generation about their influence on the ocean. With this goal in mind, Blue Cradle developed an immersive curriculum which brings students to the shore to increase their ocean literacy. Ocean Literacy is about connection – it is an understanding of the ocean’s influence on us, and of our influence on the ocean. Getting the students wet with hands-on activities developed under UNESCO’s Ocean Literacy framework will create an inspired foundation they can build on throughout their lives.

In addition, biodiversity, ocean acidification and turbidity data are collected to monitor changes in their part of Whakaraupō. The data is submitted to the Marine Meter Squared (Mm2) database, a project developed by the University of Otago’s New Zealand Marine Studies Centre which aims to build links between scientists, educators, schools and community/iwi groups who care about the seashore environment. The practical skill development and excitement of scientific discovery will encourage students to continue their Ocean Literacy journey after the course is complete.

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A project made in partnership with Bush Farm Education.

Supported by Christchurch City Council’s Sustainability Fund.