As President JFK once said: “knowledge of the oceans is more than a matter of curiosity, our very survival may depend on it”. (1961)

Blue Cradle was born in April 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown in New Zealand.

‘Blue Cradle’ was initially a blue economy focused documentary series set in the cradle of biodiversity, the coral triangle region. Founder James Nikitine then made the decision to create a Charity, in a decisive moment which meant he would stay in Aotearoa New Zealand during the pandemic instead of travelling to Europe.

The idea to set up an organization came from the realization that the ocean is not only suffering major consequences from the climate and biodiversity crises, but is also a fundamental solution that needs to be communicated effectively. 

Through research, education, and importantly by communicating these solutions, Blue Cradle is participating in the scaling of the sustainable, regenerative blue economy. Now is the time to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in ocean science and research. Only then, can we truly secure a safe and healthy future for the next generations.

The ocean regulates our weather and climate, and still holds many secrets, with 200,000 known, and more than one million unknown species yet to be discovered.

Humanity has a long-lasting history and tradition of oceanographic research. We believe the bulk of it is ahead of us, spanning decades into the future.

The ocean is our future and our salvation. We aim to learn more about it and make this knowledge accessible.

“The ocean is in our hands”

– James Nikitine, Founder, Blue Cradle

Our Mission

Plankton bloom around New Zealand. NASA Creative Commons no changes made.

One of our realizations is that in the South Pacific region, there aren’t any sustainable research vessels that provide ongoing ocean exploration, working understanding oceanic changes and marine biodiversity, or mapping and monitoring ecosystems.

While there are institutions in Australia and New Zealand (CSIRO, NIWA) with large research vessel platforms, smaller platforms are less available, and therefore a gap can be filled by making research more accessible, working from sailboats.

Blue Cradle has three main programmes:

  • A research programme, with coastal & offshore focus, aiming to address complex issues of ecosystem resilience, anthropogenic pressures, and marine biodiversity characterization.
  • An education programme, promoting ocean literacy across schools, Universities and the broader public.
  • A digital outreach programme, producing short and long form content for a wide range of audiences worldwide.

We work building significant partnerships, leading in international ocean research and marine conservation, and contributing to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).