Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Blue Cradle is committed to the Treaty of Waitangi principles of partnership, participation and protection. Our goal is to co-design, lead with and bring mutual benefits to iwi, hāpū, and whānau.

The United Nations in Geneva

The spirit of Blue Cradle is global citizenship, trust and collaboration.

The ocean is our common nation. With a strong multicultural background and philosophy inherited from the Human Rights legacy of Geneva’s United Nations, we are 100% committed to upholding the inalienable rights of refugees, Indigenous Peoples and minorities.

Our team is both international and domestic, and with strong roots to Aotearoa New Zealand and its bicultural heritage. At its core, there is an understanding that western science does not necessarily respond to our modern societal challenges. Indigenous knowledge, wisdom and whakapapa (genealogy) greatly contribute to our understanding of the natural world.

For marine protection, ecosystem regeneration and ocean health, we strongly believe local customary fisheries management tools (e.g. rahui, taiāpure, mātaitais) are essential to manage the marine environment, preserving mahinga kai practices.

In this regard, we are actively engaging with Tangata Whenua (People of the land) to participate in our science and education activities, whilst being protected, in partnership with us under the Waitangi Treaty Principles (1840). Our current objective is to have design, decision-making and leadership representation of hāpū, iwi and whānau in our Board of Trustees, as well as in our team working on marine research and ocean literacy education.

If you are an iwi, hāpū or whānau interested in becoming a Board Member or team member with Blue Cradle, please contact us: contact@bluecradle.org