Our Values

In May 2022, our Trustees & core team held a wānanga (strategic discussion) where we established our key values, our fundamental objectives and the main kaupapa (purpose) of our organisation.


In all our relationships and actions, we pledge to – at all times – remain inclusive of all the different social groups and communities that we happen to work with. We stand for and strive for justice, equity, and believe in enabling access towards a successful fulfillment in many different disciplines, belonging to the intellectual, emotional and spiritual realms.


Our organisation believes in the validity and efficiency of complementing different knowledge systems together. The world is complex, and human beings have developed innovative ways of understanding the elaborate and often mysterious nature of life, ecosystems and beings. In Aotearoa New Zealand, we are living in a country blessed with different world views and cultural complexities, and therefore we understand the importance and value of building and complementing them one with one another.


As an education provider, our diverse and often young audiences are presented with different pathways for their future. Our guiding principle is to open up the possibilities and provide positive options and solutions to every challenge. Through innovation, respect, and total integrity, we act as role models as we are leading and mentoring the Ocean Leaders of tomorrow.

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Our Guiding Principles


We “hold hands” with our different audiences to enhance their ocean literacy, strengthening their awareness and opening up their possibilities.


In 2050, Aotearoa New Zealand will be a very different country. Through ocean education, our organisation aims to support, develop and strengthen the marine science and blue economy sectors.


Our aspiration is to contribute to the transformation of New Zealand society towards a more sustainable, responsible, spiritually enlightened and a BLUE one.