The Foundation

The Blue Cradle Foundation is a New Zealand registered Trust based in Ōtautahi-Christchurch and since June 23rd 2020, a New Zealand registered Charity (CC57834).

Whakaraupō - Lyttelton Harbour

Our objectives

  • To promote the conservation and regeneration of the ocean’s ecosystems and species.
  • To promote and support communities working on ocean health impact solutions in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.
  • To promote ocean literacy, marine science and conservation education and ocean science for sustainable development.

Headquartered at Lyttelton harbour, one of New Zealand’s largest ports, Blue Cradle’s home is inside a marine mammal sanctuary, the Banks Peninsula (Horomaka).

By working at the local, national, regional and international level, we also aim to cultivate a sense of “home port” with strong community ties & activities.

Our approach is to work with local stakeholders and actors, including Iwi, the Christchurch City Council, Christchurch NZ, Universities, companies and regional environmental government to bring ocean science and conservation issues to the local population, building their ocean literacy.

Main Activities:



The Blue Cradle Foundation works with local communities in Canterbury, across New Zealand and beyond, sharing knowledge around ocean literacy and marine conservation.

Ocean science

Everyone loves a dumbo octopus. We observed this one, an Opisthoteuthis agassizii, during Dive 12 of the 2019 Southeastern U.S. Deep-sea Exploration. The dots are clear windows in the skin. We are uncertain of their purpose, but suspect they may gather additional light.

The Blue Cradle Foundation works with scientific institutions and ocean industry, to promote ocean science and advancing knowledge through interdisciplinary research.



The Blue Cradle Foundation works in the Asia – South Pacific region identifying interdisciplinary ocean science projects to support, responding to sustainable development challenges.